Famsun Denmark

Famsun Denmark was established in November 2013 with the purpose of conducting research and development within the grain and feed industry. While we started with focus on plant layout design and feed machinery design, we now have focus on automation and intelligent factories.

We are working with software design, development, and data analysis for our MES and SCADA systems.

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Digital Tools at the Feed Factory

Manufacturing Execution Systems and SCADA is our focus

We are responsible for supplying our customers with state of the art intelligent feed and food factories. We believe that we need to collect information at the production floor in order to improve the productivity for our customers.

The system is based on a core Famsun Digital Services Platform the connects to the production floor via SCADA, IIOT or other communication technologies. The system supports vertical integration between production floor, SCADA systems, MES systems to ERP and business systems.

Production lines and production equipment are horizontally integrated and communicates to optimize the production.

Basic Architecture


Applications are build on the Famsun Digital Services Platform.

  • Farm Feed System
  • Smart Card
  • Intelligent Warehouse
  • Scheduling Management
  • Production Line Optimizations and Management
  • Equipment Management
  • Operation Performance
  • Quality and Safety Management

Application Examples

Intelligent Dryer

Famsun MES Video

Famsun MES – Intelligent Feed Factory

Famsun Group

After more than 50 years of development, FAMSUN has grown into a leading global machinery manufacturer and project service provider in the whole supply chain of agro-business.

Famsun Headquarter

We are aware that the overall operation in the agro-business is being fully upgraded, the future operation will be healthier, safer, more environmental friendly, energy saving, intelligent and efficient. Therefore, we are constantly evolving. As the customer’s demand increases, we aim to serve the industrial chain and provide integrated solutions from farm to table. We are committed to provide one stop services including consultation, design, planning, manufacture, installation, commissioning, and follow-up upgrade to our customers in the fields of feed milling, animal farming, oilseed and food processing.F

We provide integrated solutions

We explore and deliver the most valuable solutions for our customers. A project is not the simple combination of different products, but a whole system with different parts match together. Similar to the car, only when the engine and the other parts match together can the car be more energy saving, environmental friendly and more efficient. We start with customer’s actual demand and take a comprehensive view of the project. We build up the system, equip with the most suitable facilities, and complete the delivery from consultation, design and operation.

Comprehensive and rich products

Our products cover agricultural machinery, grain storage and logistics, feed milling, animal farming, food, oilseed and biomass processing. Over the past decades, FAMSUN has accumulated rich experience in the agro-business. Therefore, we can do more and better for you.

Exhibition Hall

Never stop pursuing excellence

Our pursuit of excellence is not only about the quality control of each machine, but also the execution of system standard for the whole project. By introducing the world leading processing equipment, we ensure the accurate manufacturing of every single component. All the products delivered have been certified by CE standard. By carrying out Flawless Project Delivery (FPD), we meet customer’s demand and ensure the perfect execution throughout each project. 

Innovation driven

FAMSUN is the national key high-tech enterprise and has outstanding R&D strength. More than 4% of annual sales revenue is invested in R&D every year. FAMSUN has established research institutes in Asia, Europe and America. We carry out different manufacturing and performance test every year to provide long-term comprehensive benefit for our customers. We are never content with our achievement but focus more on the customer’s potential demand. We have set up a lab together with the University of Kansas in the US, and research on the core structure design of the machinery. We not only think from customer’s perspective but also from ‘customer’s customers’. Facing the growing demand of meat consumption, shortage of global traditional grain and protein raw materials and the surging of prices, we explore and discover new sources of feed. For example, we are actively researching on the processing of feather meal. Through grinding and extrusion, we try to solve the protein shortage problem by developing feather meal to replace fish meal. We believe that innovation is crucial to FAMSUN and the strongest driving force for Muyang to advance in the fierce competition.  

Global network support

We serve our global customers and win support by utilizing global technology. We have cooperated with different enterprises in the world by means of annexation, reorganization and conformity. Meanwhile, we make use of the resources worldwide, obtain key patents, and maintain our leading position in the world. We share these technologies with our customers. FAMSUN has 20 marketing platforms, and nearly 50 subsidiaries and branches in the world, and provide faster and better services and supports to our customers. 

Leading in the industry

As a machinery manufacturer and project service provider in the agro-business, FAMSUN is the first grain and feed machinery manufacturer authorized by the China Ministry of Commerce and the secretariat of the National Feed Machinery Standardization Committee. We are aware that our position won’t be possible without the support from our customers. We are never content with the past achievements, but will keep improving. Together, we provide integrated solutions for our customers. 

Read more about our company at our international website en.famsun.com.